High school student-athletes and their families share the concerns of other college-bound students. They also have distinctive concerns that require additional advice and support, whether they hope to win college admission and scholarships with their athletic ability or just want to play on a college team.

We’re here to advise them.

Choosing a college should be exciting. Without some advance planning and good guidance, it can often also be confusing and stressful. That can be doubly true for student-athletes who, in addition to the course and extracurricular choices that every student faces, also confront what seems to be an ever-changing landscape of college recruiting rules and practices.
With our over thirty-five years of college coaching, admissions, and financial aid experience, we offer expert guidance to students and their families every step of the way, to help them successfully navigate the college selection and admission process.

Our objective is to help students find and gain admission to colleges that are great matches for their academic and athletic goals – whatever they may be.

We work with high school students and their families in a variety of ways, from hourly consultations to comprehensive application packages. We can provide advice on course selection, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, standardized testing, and the athletic recruiting process. For information on some of our admissions packages, click here. Additional information is available on request.

Contact us at sue@caplescg.com.